What Are the Best Sites for Discounts on SUVs?

By Chris QueenLast Updated Jul 6, 2020 5:18:03 PM ET
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Buying a new SUV can be a hassle. Dealing with pushy salespeople is bad enough, but how do you know you're really paying the best price for the SUV you want? In the past, you had to look for deals in the newspaper or on television commercials — or take the time to drive around to dealerships — to find the right deals. These days, the internet does all the legwork for you.

Believe it or not, you can find some of the best discounts on SUVs online. The next time you have your heart set on a new SUV, look at these sites before you decide to purchase.


Where most car websites give you a few featured deals or bury discount information in long articles, CarsDirect lives up to its name and gives you a handy chart of discounts on various types of vehicles, including SUVs, that the staff updates every month.

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CarsDirect breaks down its discount lists by vehicle type so that you can find deals and discounts for SUVs easily. You can look for new or used vehicles and search by ZIP code for hyperlocal discounts. The charts tell you exactly when discounts expire so you'll know how long you have to search and shop.


If you're looking for a way to see which dealerships have the best discounts on SUVs, Cars.com may be your best bet. Cars.com has two decades of experience in compiling the best prices on vehicles of all types, and you can compare dealerships with its search tools.

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The site allows you to look at both new and used SUVs, and you can rank deals by those that are the best on the vehicle you're seeking. While you're at it, you can even get offers for selling your current car, so you can see if you're better off selling the car or trading it in.


If you hate haggling and want a straightforward approach to pricing an SUV, TrueCar is for you. You can look for new or used SUVs, and you can search specifically by brand directly from the homepage. TrueCar looks at more than 14,000 dealerships nationwide to find the best prices on vehicles of all types.

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TrueCar serves as a data aggregator for car prices, and you can see which SUVs are fetching the best prices, along with high and low benchmarks for each vehicle on your list. Armed with this information, you can head to the dealership with a no-haggle price that works for your budget.


When the time comes to search for a used SUV at a great price, Carvana has plenty of tools to make your purchase go as smoothly as possible. The site has various options and a nationwide inventory of vehicles, so you can see the best deals and discounted prices without being bound by local dealerships or sellers.

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You can use your own financing or apply through the site. Pricing is firm, so there's no negotiating on your part. Shipping is sometimes free, and, in certain markets, you can pick up your SUV at one of the company’s impressive and fun "vending machines." Carvana makes the online car-buying experience enjoyable.


You may know the Edmunds name as a trusted site for reviews of SUVs and other types of vehicles, but did you know that you can shop for an SUV there as well? While you can't buy directly through the site, you may well be able to find the vehicle of your dreams there at a price you'll love.

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The site serves as a sort of marketplace where you can see new and used vehicles from across the nation. It ranks SUVs and other cars by deals, so you can see if the price is fair or if there's a good discount on what you're seeking. You also have access to the site's famous reviews to learn whether you're making a wise purchase.