What Makes a Nissan Rogue Different From Other Crossovers?

Photo Courtesy: @empire_nissan/Twitter

In the crowded small SUV market segment, the Nissan Rogue distinguishes itself as an affordable alternative to some of the pricier crossovers. While its engine isn't particularly powerful, the Rogue does offer a respectable fuel efficiency rating that's in line with many of its gasoline-powered competitors. And don't forget those cushy astronaut-inspired front seats if you're looking for a plush ride.

That said, the Rogue faces stiff competition from other crossovers. Whether or not its fuel efficiency, price and other features make it the best choice for you can be difficult to determine if you’re unfamiliar with the market. Before you head out to dealership, consider the Rogue’s pros and cons as well as what some similar vehicles can offer.