11 Training Courses to Help Boost Your Career


Feeling stuck in a career can be discouraging. Whether you are hoping to move forward professionally or switch careers entirely, getting the right training is essential. No matter what industry you choose, there are thousands of courses available in a variety of formats. Online courses offer the flexibility you need to accommodate your busy life. Consider the following training courses if you want to take your career to the next level without spending a fortune.


Coding is one of the most desirable skills in today’s job market. While learning to code may seem intimidating, the process is similar to learning any other language. Codeacademy offers free online training in web development that is designed for beginners. In just 7 hours, Codeacademy can teach you the basic programming skills you need to become a web developer. Even if coding isn’t in your job description, acquiring these skills can add tremendous value to your resume and help boost your career.


Internet Marketing for Smart People, Copyblogger

In order for a business to be successful, it has to have effective marketing. Knowing the basics of marketing is a competitive edge no matter what career you are pursuing. This online course by Copyblogger provides 16 e-books and 20 emails on internet marketing. It is entirely free and covers topics such as social media marketing, content marketing and SEO.


Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skills, University of Michigan

Knowing how to negotiate is a professional and personal skill that will help you go far in any career. This online course offered by the University of Michigan includes six video lessons and comes with a free phone application. During the course, you will learn effective negotiation strategies and how to create profitable contracts. Completion of the course results in a certificate that you can proudly display on your Linkedin profile for employers to see.


Managing People, Forbes

Being an effective leader is a desirable skill in every field. Taking a course in professional management demonstrates to employers that you are a motivated and skilled asset to their team. Created by a professor at Harvard Business School, Managing People is an online course that will teach you the best theories and practices behind successful management. For less than $200, you will learn how to manage and motivate people while adding a diverse skillset to your resume.


Introduction to Project Management, Forbes

Project Management is a relevant skill in a variety of industries from construction to healthcare. This reputable course by Forbes teaches participants how to lead teams, coordinate tasks and effectively motivate people. For less than $200, you will gain the confidence and skills you need to step into a position of greater responsibility and reward.


Microsoft Technical Certifications

Technical skills are highly sought after in today’s job market. If you are hoping to change or advance your career, adding Microsoft Technical Certifications to your resume can give you a competitive edge. Microsoft is an extremely well-recognized company whose technologies are used across many industries. Adding these online certifications to your resume will make you a relevant candidate with proven skills.


Leading With Finance, Harvard Business School

With a name like Harvard, it has to be good. Finance is one of the most important aspects of any successful business. Understanding and being able to communicate effectively about the financial aspects of business will set you above the rest. This online course features approximately 40 hours of classes and offers opportunities for students to connect with Harvard’s prestigious faculty. While it does have a higher price tag, a certification from Harvard is well worth the cost.


Introduction to Public Speaking, University of Washington

Want to ace interviews or give presentations that wow your boss? A course in public speaking may be just what you need to boost your career. This free, 10-week course will teach you how to craft speeches, give effective presentations and deliver complex arguments with ease.


How to Start a Startup, Stanford University

If your dream career is one you create for yourself, this training course is a great place to start. This free video series covers a broad range of topics, from designing products to how to talk to investors. This training course is a rare opportunity to learn from successful entrepreneurs who started billion-dollar companies such as Linkedin, PayPal and Airbnb.


Effective Email Communication, Pluralsight

Are you ready to hit “send” on success? Becoming an effective digital communicator is a crucial skill in today’s business world. This free video course will teach you how to write professional emails that increase the chances of employers’ opening and responding to your messages. Other topics include making introductions, choosing an appropriate address name and responding to negative emails.



Without becoming skilled at interviews, even the most qualified candidates fall short of landing their dream jobs. Biginterview offers online training for the sole purpose of preparing you for interviews. For less than $100, you will gain access to expert advice and unlimited practice opportunities. Biginterview provides specific training for a variety of industries and will teach you how to skillfully answer even the toughest questions. No matter what career you are pursuing, remember that you have the power to improve your performance and advance your skill set. With so many affordable opportunities for learning, there is no excuse for staying stuck.