5 Reasons to Get a Local Newspaper Subscription


In some ways, newspapers seem like an old-fashioned media source most people don’t even bother reading anymore. After all, with the invention of social media and so much digital access available, there are dozens of ways to get your news, especially at the national level. But there’s still some worth in subscribing to your local paper and keeping up with your little slice of the world.

You Can Keep Up With Your Community

The Internet and cable are great for keeping up with news in general, but if you live in a smaller town, city, county or community, you’re not going to get much in the way of local news from those sources. From new business openings to a city councilman who is up to no good, it’s good to keep up with what’s going on in your community, because much of it does impact you. If nothing else, it’ll give you something to talk to your co-workers about around the water cooler, or it could lead to an opportunity like a new job, some volunteer work or an event to attend that you wouldn’t have heard about otherwise.

You’ll Learn About Important Issues That Aren’t Necessarily Attractive

If you rely on viral posts on social media and cable news for your content, you’re going to get a ton of stories, many of them with big headlines that grab attention. But you aren’t getting the full story of what’s going on in the world. For example, if a beloved celebrity couple gets a divorce, it’s usually going to become a bigger news story than, say, a major air strike in the Middle East. While newspapers like big headlines, they also tend to carry a bigger variety of stories and touch on all important topics. You won’t just know what’s going on in your community, but you’ll get a glimpse at what’s going on in the state, the country and internationally. You’d be surprised to learn what you aren’t learning about.

You Can Access It Online Too

If you don’t subscribe to your local newspaper because you don’t want to be bothered with a print form of media, you’re in luck. Most papers, even your hometown, are catching on, and they’re creating mobile-friendly websites and other ways for you to read them on other platforms. Sure, it’s taken some time, and many papers are still trying to figure it out, but maintaining your subscription helps provide them with the funds to explore new opportunities and produce good content. With more platforms comes more opportunities for content too, so you may even see an increase in how much and what type of stories your newspaper offers.

You Can Share It With Your Kids

Are you a parent? If so, getting a local newspaper subscription can help you educate your child, bond with him or her and even help improve their reading skills and desire to read. Reading the newspaper together encourages your child to stay up to date on current events and teaches them the importance of keeping up with the people in their communities as they grow. It also teaches them to appreciate reading nonfiction, and if you read together, your child will learn listening and communication skills. Finally, you may get your child to spend a few minutes away from mobile devices, computers and gaming consoles.

It Can Be Entertaining

While all of the other reasons on the list are important and serious, the truth is that your local newspaper can be an excellent source of fun and entertainment. Though, some may argue taking some time for pleasure is also important. From what your favorite local sports team is doing to those beloved comic strips that appear in Sunday’s paper, there are plenty of ways to use your local newspaper for a few minutes of rest and relaxation. You can do the crossword puzzle on your lunch break or learn about what play your local theater is putting on next month. You can see which books your paper’s editor recommends, or you can read about a local person of note who is doing something for a good cause.