How Do You Look Up Cell Phone Numbers?

By Staff WriterLast Updated Oct 3, 2020 1:47:24 AM ET
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While a phone book might be enough to help you find someone’s landline, finding a cell phone number can be a lot more challenging. You won’t find it in the yellow pages, and it will require some effort to find it online.

However, finding a phone number online isn’t impossible, either. If you’re smart about where you look, you can often find the cell phone number you’re looking for.

Using Search Engines

If you know a person or organization’s name but don’t have their cell phone number, you may have tried searching for it on the internet through a search engine, such as Google. Unless they have an unusual name, however, you probably found more phone numbers than you know what to do with. This can be especially true if they have a common name, like Matthew Smith or Kate Warner. Does that make search engines completely useless for looking up cell phone numbers?

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One thing you can do is enter in more information relating to the owner of the number you’re looking for, such as the town they live in, any businesses or other organizations they associate with or other personal details. You may be able to turn up all kinds of different websites that could potentially list a cell phone number or other way to contact a person.

Similarly, if you’re looking to find out who a cell phone number belongs to, you might be able to find the owner simply by plugging it into a search engine. This is a particularly good way of finding numbers associated with businesses, although you may have a harder time finding cell phone numbers. At the very least, though, you’ll likely find what city the area code corresponds to — assuming they didn’t move while keeping the same number.

Try Social Media

Social media is another great online tool to find a person's cell phone number. Many such websites, such as Facebook and even LinkedIn (don’t forget to check resumes and other documents!) allow users to link their cell phone number to their profile.

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This option can be limited, as you may need to be friends with the person whose number you’re looking for, and many individual users choose not to list any number at all. Even so, businesses and organizations are very likely to share their numbers, even if they’re less likely to be mobile lines. You can also enter a phone number into the search bar on many social media sites if you’re looking for the owner of a phone rather than the number itself.

Specialized Websites for Finding Numbers

While cell phone numbers aren’t listed in phone books, you can often find them on all kinds of online databases. These websites, such as The Real Yellow Pages or USPhoneBook, usually offer many kinds of information you can search for, including cell numbers, names, ages, relatives, addresses and even whether or not a person has a criminal record. Although they often require a subscription or one-time fee to access more personal information, including cell phone numbers, some do provide this information for free. Even when they don’t, the fees are usually fairly cheap.

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That said, there are limitations on these sorts of websites. Because these sites scour the web for information rather than asking people to confirm whether or not their information is correct, it’s not guaranteed to be accurate. This can especially be a problem if the person you’re looking for moves around a lot. A lack of appearances on other websites can also make people and their cell phone numbers harder to find.

Call Around

Lastly, while it isn’t very high-tech, if you know someone who knows the person you need a number of, you can always just call that person and explain why you need the other person’s number. People are sometimes leery of handing out a friend's number, but if you have a good reason for asking, they may very well pass it on.

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