Where Can I Find Local Crematory Services?

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Cremation allows a loved one to be laid to rest wherever they wished, whether that’s a favorite park, the ocean or your own home. You also don’t have to worry about choosing a casket or potentially costly burial fees.

Many people don’t know how to go about arranging a cremation before they lose a loved one. Use this quick guide to help you navigate your way through finding local crematory services and planning a remembrance service.

Finding a Local Crematorium

While you could always check the phone book or go online to contact a crematory service, there are other ways. If you’re planning a remembrance or memorial service with a funeral home, whoever you’re working with can explain all the ins and outs of cremation and arrange the process without you needing to contact a cremation service directly.

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If you prefer to handle things yourself, you could visit the Cremation Association of North America (CANA) website. This international trade association was founded in 1913 and includes more than 3,300 members. You can search the member directory online to find a local crematory service that’s affiliated with the organization. Other potential resources include the Neptune Society, which has 45 locations across the United States, the National Cremation Society and the Trident Society.

If you’re still having trouble finding crematory services, your local cemeteries may be able to help point you in the right direction. In the case of pet crematory services, your veterinarian will likely be your best go-to resource.

How to Choose a Crematory Service Provider

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Whether you’re working directly with a cremation service provider or going through a funeral home, you should feel comfortable with all aspects of the process. Find out more about how it works, learn about your rights and ask for pricing in writing. If anyone isn’t willing to give you the information you need to feel comfortable, consider working with a different company.

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Also, consider doing research on the service you choose. Do they belong to a respected organization like CANA? Is the facility well organized? Are they proactive and open about the process? Consult the Better Business Bureau (BBB) or your state’s attorney general to ensure there aren’t any outstanding complaints against the cremation service in question. After all, the more you know, the better you’ll feel about your choice.

Planning a Cremation Service

To a large extent, you’re only limited by your own wishes and those of your loved one when planning a funeral service. You can opt for a traditional funeral service before cremation, which allows the option of a viewing, or a family visitation instead of a viewing followed by a cremation funeral with the ashes present in an urn or other vessel. You may also opt for remembrance or memorial services during the scattering of ashes.

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Speaking with a funeral home professional is often the easiest way to plan whatever type of service you intend to hold. You’ll need to decide on the schedule and type of ceremony, any music or readings and a guest list. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t be afraid to ask trusted family members or friends for help. They can help gather photos, plan a eulogy and execute other parts of the ceremony.