How Do I Register as an Actor on IMDb?

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If you’re a new actor who’s just landed their first role, you might wonder how you can add yourself to the Internet Movie Database, which is best-known by its abbreviation, IMDb. It’s one of the most popular entertainment industry sites in the world, and it offers a great way to get your name and acting resume more visibility.

However, you can’t simply create an actor page on the IMDb website. You must have appeared in a production, and it must already be listed on the site. Learn more about the process for registering as an actor in the database, including the prerequisites and the joining process.

Is Your Production Already on IMDb?

The first step in creating your own IMDb page is to make sure the production you were in already appears on the site. If it doesn’t, you can’t add your name to it. Most of the time, your director will add it to help promote the work, but often, especially in the case of smaller-scale productions, you may find that it’s not listed.

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IMDb accepts titles that are released in theaters, shown on TV, otherwise released to the public, shown at film festivals, listed in the catalog of an established entertainment retailer, made famous by a person of public interest or considered viral. This includes online videos that meet certain criteria.

If you want to add a title, you must create an account and follow all of the guidelines IMDb requires. In addition to determining whether your media meets the eligibility criteria, you’ll need to learn how to format its details for submission on the site.

Once you submit the information, IMDb editors will verify that the production exists and double-check that it meets the site’s criteria. It’s important to provide as much information about the title as possible and avoid speculation or rumors if you can’t verify information. If the title is approved, it should take about a week for it to appear on the site.

Create Your Profile to Get Credit and Start Networking

Once your production is listed on the site, you can focus on creating your own page as an actor if the person who added the title didn’t do so for you already. Find the page for the production you’re in and click “edit page” at the bottom. Under “Cast/Crew,” you can select your department — choose “cast” if you were an actor in the production. You can then choose to correct something, delete it or add credits. After you make your selection, you need to provide some information.

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On the next form, enter your last name and first name. You’ll also have the option to choose whether you’re an actor or actress if you want to add a gendered distinction. If there are other actors listed in the database with your same name, the site may ask if you’re one of them. If you aren’t, select “This is a different person currently not listed…” There is also a “not sure” option that allows IMDb editors to decide if you’re already on the site. You may need to enter your character name as it appeared in the production’s credits. You can then submit the information, and IMDb’s editors will determine if it’s accurate.

Reach the Next Level With IMDbPro

Once you’re listed on IMDb, you can use the site to your advantage with one catch: You must sign up for IMDbPro. With a membership, you can add detailed contact information, including your representation and agency. You can add images, add yourself to more productions, look at daily industry news and get information about how well movies did at the box office.

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You can also use the IMDbPro app to receive tracking notifications for certain productions or cast and crew members and take advantage of various casting services. IMDbPro allows you to keep your page up to date and accurate so that any casting agents and directors who are browsing can find you and contact you.