How Can I Find Quality Live-In Nanny Agencies?

Photo Courtesy: sturti/Getty Images

There comes the point in nearly every parent's life when it's time to make yet another big decision related to raising a child: Should you re-enter the workforce, or should you stay home with your little one? And whether you’ve spent a few years at home raising kids and are ready for a change or you’ve always planned to return to work after using your parental leave, another big decision emerges: Who’ll take care of your child? In considering childcare options, you may have decided that hiring a live-in nanny sounds like the right choice for your family.

When you hire a nanny and invite them to live in your home, you're unlocking a lot of doors at once. A nanny is responsible not only for performing typical care-taking duties like feeding, bathing and comforting your child, among many other responsibilities, but they also play a much more active role in raising your little one. An experienced, quality live-in nanny is essentially an extension of yourself and the love that you have for your child, so it’s vital that you find one who’s the right fit for your family. Here’s how to evaluate an agency as part of your first steps in the process.