How Do I Find a Menards Store Near Me?

Photo Courtesy: Huw Williams/Wikimedia Commons

Located almost exclusively in the Midwest in states like Wisconsin, Michigan and Iowa, Menards is the third-largest chain of home improvement stores in the country. It sells everything you might need for projects around the house, from paint and tools to furniture and home decor. Ready to tackle a repair or project but need some supplies to get started? Finding the location of your closest Menards is easy when you follow these simple steps.

Visit the Website

Get started by opening up an internet browser window and typing into the URL field. This takes you directly to the store’s homepage. Here, you can shop online, view weekly ads, review various promotions and search for fun DIY projects for your home and garden. You’ll also see an option near the top left side of the page that says “Select Your Store.” Click on this link to go to the store locator page.

Choose Your Location and Department Preferences

Once you’re on the store locator page, you can see all Menards locations for a given area; they appear automatically on the map. To find the one that’s closest to you, enter your information in the fields on the lefthand side of the page to find out the location of the Menards at which it’s most convenient for you to shop. You have the option to plug in your ZIP code and see all of the Menards stores located within those boundaries, and you also have the option to search by the city and state where you’re looking for a store. 


If you want to find a store that has a certain department, such as appliances, truck rental, garden center, propane exchange or grocery, scroll down from the fields where you input your ZIP code, city and state to see the list of available department options. Check the box (or boxes) next to each item on the department list that you want to include in your search. Once you’ve entered all the pertinent information, click on the magnifying glass button next to either the ZIP code field or the city field to perform your search.

Use the Map

Another way to find your local store is to use the large map on the Store Locator page. When you first click over to this page, it displays a map of the United States with green M logo icons where each Menards store is located. You can zoom in and out and move the map around to search in a specific state or region without having to type in any information or select store departments. Once you’ve found your area, click on the icon of the closest store to view its information.


View Store Information

Whether you entered specific location details or used the map to get a general overview of Menards locations in an area, you can view specific information for the store of your choice by clicking on its green M logo icon where it appears on the map. This brings up a small window that includes the store’s address and three links labeled “Store Details,” “Make My Store” and “Get Directions.”


Clicking on “Store Details” brings you to a page that lists the store’s address, phone number and email address. On this page, you can also see the store’s hours for each day of the week, view a layout map that shows where various departments are located around the store and view a list of the store’s available services and departments along with the specific phone number and other contact information for each department. The “Store Details” page also shows a list of bargain products and those that are on clearance at the location. If you’re searching for a job, scroll to the bottom of the page to see which positions have openings. 

Clicking on “Get Directions” redirects you to a Google Maps page with the address of your selected store automatically included as the destination. Add your preferred address or city as the starting point and click the magnifying glass icon to view a map showing the route and a list of directions telling you how to get to the store.

Make It Your Store

When you find a store that’s close to your home or preferred area and has the services and departments you need, click on the “Make My Store” link. This lets the website know that you’ve selected this location as the one you’ll be visiting most often. After that, when you visit the Menards website in the future, it’ll “remember” that you chose that location and then provide you with information specific to that store, such as weekly ads and in-store pickup options. The name of your store and the opening hours for the day on which you’re visiting the site will also pop up at the top of the page every time you visit in the future.