How Much Does Bee Removal Cost?

Photo Courtesy: SOPA Images/Getty Images

Bees are an essential part of the environment. Through pollination, they're responsible for somewhere around 30 percent of the global food supply and a whopping 90 percent of land plants overall. However, sometimes bees move into houses and other human spaces, posing a threat to people and property alike. Bees should be removed quickly from places where they're a threat, but people may be reluctant to do so if they they think it will cost them an arm and a leg.

The truth is that the cost of bee removal can vary greatly. While average prices tend to hover around a few hundred dollars, you could end up paying as much as $2,000 or as little as nothing at all depending on where you live, what sort of bee problem you have, who does the removal and where the beehive has been set up. To fully understand the nature of your bee problem and what removal of the hive might cost, there are a few factors to be aware of.