How Can I Get Followers for My Online Meditation Classes?

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The year 2020 ushered in plenty of challenges to people’s physical and mental health, massively expanding the need for stress-reducing practices like meditating. If you have a talent for leading meditation and want to start streaming your own meditation classes, then you can maximize your efforts by building a strong follower count using major social media pages to spread the word about your meditation sessions.

Whether you plan to turn your classes into an online business or you simply want to offer a short escape to like-minded enthusiasts free of charge, the number of followers you acquire is an important metric in your success. Let’s take a look at some simple and actionable tricks that can help you effectively increase your following on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Boost Your Facebook Page

Facebook has become a powerful social media site when it comes to any type of promotion and name recognition. The easiest and quickest way to get more Facebook followers for your online meditation page is to pay Facebook for them. Before you shake your head in dismay and disappointment, you might be surprised to learn how inexpensive Facebook promotions can be and how effective they can be in engaging newcomers with your page. The return on a small investment is usually quite substantial.

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The first step is to determine the target audience most likely to become fans of your online meditation class page. You want to focus your promotion efforts on the best audience for your classes to achieve the best results for your money. Be sure to double check your Facebook page to ensure all your information is correct and easily accessible to your audience. Include such details as your brief biography, your areas of expertise, the services you offer, a schedule of your classes and your contact details.

Make sure the posts you create are fun and engaging, and then boost each one of them. Images with text tend to elicit the most engagement in terms of comments, reactions, likes and shares. Videos come in second, with written updates with links at the bottom of the pile in terms of appeal. Boost your posts at least once a day, if possible, for at least a week. At the end of that week, check your analytics to see which posts did well, and then continue to boost those posts using a larger budget.

Establish your budget for boosting posts and keep track of the days when your posts receive the most reader engagement. If you want to grow your number of followers even more, you can also consider boosting the Facebook page itself or starting a Facebook ad placement campaign. Of course, it’s also possible to grow your number of followers on Facebook without spending a penny, but it will take a lot more time. If you’re willing to spend a little money, it’s worth it to speed up the process.

Follow Up on Facebook Engagements

Provided you have chosen your target audience well, your boosts will earn you a number of followers. Once you have them, it’s critical to keep them engaged by continuously adding interesting posts, particularly ones that are worthy of sharing, which has the added benefit of further expanding your number of followers via free indirect endorsements.

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When you have viewers react to your posts who don’t already follow your online meditation class page, be sure to reach out to them with a thank you and invite them to follow your page. Be sure to explain the perks of liking your page, such as easy access to engaging, informative posts and notifications for all events, promotions and freebies.

Create Additional Visibility with Mini Campaigns on Twitter and Instagram

Ideally, you should set up Twitter and Instagram accounts for your online meditation classes right after setting up Facebook. Those social media sites are independent, but they tend to also benefit from your Facebook promotions in terms of adding followers. First, it makes sense to include links to your Twitter and Instagram pages in your boosted Facebook posts. Second, it adds additional layers of validity for those users who may search for individuals and businesses on other sites to verify their authenticity.

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Having said that, it’s still important to set aside time to focus on specifically growing your followers for your Twitter and Instagram pages as well. Your efforts to grow followers on these platforms should be synergistic and in harmony with your Facebook boosts. Twitter has some proven ways of increasing followers, including tweeting photos, infographics and short clips designed to capture the attention of your target audience several times a day.

Pay attention to the days and times when your tweets generate the most responses and retweets to determine the best times to tweet. Hashtags are a critical element on Twitter, so make sure you know how to use them effectively to reach more viewers. Retweeting posts related to your niche, tagging and following influencers, commenting on related posts and engaging with your followers are also successful methods you can use to grow your base of real Twitter followers.

Apply the Same Methods to Different Platforms

Creating your campaign on Instagram involves many of the same methods that you use for Twitter. After setting up your account for your online meditation classes, be sure to post consistently at least once a day and monitor response rates to determine the best times to post. Post engaging photos on topics related to your niche and include the most effective hashtags. Share related posts from other users and engage with users who make comments and post questions. These tried and tested methods help you become visible on Instagram and grow your followers in the process.

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For your campaigns on all three platforms, data analytics can help you gain insight into your progress. Take time to evaluate relevant data, such as impressions and engagements, for any paid services and monitor response rates on all your posts. This data can help you tweak and make improvements to your approach.