How Can I Open an Assisted Living Home?

Photo Courtesy: Hinterhaus Productions/Stone/Getty Images

As some of the U.S.'s biggest generations continue aging gracefully, there's become a growing demand for residential care — also commonly called assisted living — facilities that provide accommodation and personal care services primarily to older adults. Taking care of everything from comfortable rooms, meals and housekeeping services to social activities, monitoring for people with cognitive decline and physical fitness opportunities, assisted living facilities provide a homelike environment where people can enjoy friendships and life with some extra help along the way. Seniors can also get personal care assistance with daily activities like sanitation, grooming, eating and bathing.

If you're thinking about opening your own assisted living facility, it's natural to have more than a few questions about the process. Opening an assisted living business can be a gratifying thing to do for your community, but running this kind of operation doesn't look the same as it does for other businesses. There are certain regulations these facilities have to follow, and the things you'll need to do can vary greatly depending on the area where you're planning to open up. To get a better idea of the process, here are some of the basic steps you might follow to open a new assisted living facility.