How Do You Play Creative Destruction?

By Roxy FavrettoLast Updated September 17, 2020
Photo Courtesy: @CD_Mobile/Twitter

Creative Destruction is a new take on the battle royale format with a survivalist twist for iOS, Android and Windows PC devices. Players can interact with the environment by collecting materials and building structures to give themselves a much-needed edge in the free-for-all combat. You can play it on your own or in a squad, with the primary objective being to survive long enough to be the last player standing. Since its release in 2018, it has had more than 5 million downloads and counting.

The game demands your full attention from the moment you drop onto the map and scurry for cover and weapons to defeat 99 other players (or computer-controlled bots). Getting started in the game is easy, but mastering it can be a challenge. Here are a few tricks and strategies to start off on the right foot while playing Creative Destruction.

Aim for a Landing Spot Packed With Buildings

Your battle strategy begins as soon as you take flight for the battlefield. By checking the map beforehand, you can choose a landing site with plenty of buildings to get yourself off to a good start. Once you select your preferred building (which in turn affects the weapons and gear within), you'll skydive into it. However, be prepared to find other players flying in as well, since they might have had the same preference in landing spot.

Photo Courtesy: @CD_Mobile/Twitter

Gear Up

Creative Destruction features a vast arms collection. You can arm yourself with different types of shotguns, assault rifles, submachine guns, sniper rifles and more, such as grenades and bowling bombs that help you eliminate the competition from afar.

Photo Courtesy: @CD_Mobile/Twitter

You should use your compass to locate a chest packed with rare goodies in your vicinity. It’s also worthwhile to be the first one to reach any of the chests that are airdropped onto the battlefield, as they often contain powerful equipment. Look for weapons with a high rarity rating — Gold or Legendary instead of White or Common — to ensure you have the firepower necessary for survival as the battle progresses.

Build Strategically

The “creative” part of Creative Destruction also shouldn’t be neglected. You can destroy virtually anything in your path and transform it into raw materials that in turn can be used to shape the battlefield. Bastions can be used to shield yourself from an ambush, while a tower can make for an excellent sniping spot. You can even create duplicate buildings to trick your enemies into thinking you’re somewhere you’re not.

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Placing a bridge over water or across high ground can help you traverse the landscape quickly to get the drop on opponents or make for a quick escape. Make sure you save enough Quick Build energy to create a protective wall around you in the event of an ambush — it could mean the difference between life and death.

Strafe and Shoot

As with any first-person shooter (FPS), learning how to take evasive action while shooting accurately is a key part of Creative Destruction, and strafing — moving side to side — plays a big role in making it out of a battle with as little damage taken as possible. Assault rifles and shotguns are ideal for such situations, while long-range firearms and grenades are ideal for taking down opponents on high ground.

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The scope and trigger buttons are located on both sides of the screen. Master these controls by using your right hand to shoot and your left hand to move. This helps you stay mobile while successively shooting your foes.

Prowl the Borderlands

As time passes, more and more of the map gets covered by a damage-causing storm, with an ever dwindling safe zone in the center. One useful tactic is to stay on the edge of the safe zone and wait to ambush players as they seek refuge. Not only will you have the advantage of knowing where they’re likely to be coming from, odds are good that they’ll also be damaged from the storm if not other players.

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Fulfill Daily Missions

While many Creative Destruction rewards are temporary and last a single game, others have more permanent effects. By completing daily missions, you can access all kinds of extra bonuses, including costume packs, gold, experience and many more. Most daily missions require you to do things that you may have reason to do anyway, so even if you’re a casual player, it’s probably worthwhile to complete them.

Photo Courtesy: @CD_Mobile/Twitter