How Do You Replace a Patio Door?

Photo Courtesy: Ray Kachatorian/Getty Images

Sliding patio doors are fixture of homes across the country, and it's no mystery why. They're convenient, practical and can improve any room with a beautiful view outside. However, if you have an older house, your patio door may not be holding up as well as it used to. Maybe the door has started to stick rather than slide, or maybe it leaks during heavy rain or allows too much cold or hot air to seep inside. At a certain point, no matter how good your old door was, replacement becomes a must.

The price of a patio door can be high, and the cost of hiring someone to install it can raise your bill even more. However, you can save some money by doing the replacement project yourself. Between using your own labor and selecting a highly-rated patio door that can save on energy and maintenance costs, you can make replacing your patio door an affordable project, and the result is a more secure, comfortable and beautiful home. While the installation process isn't easy, it is doable if you break the process down into a few steps.