How Can I Support the World Wildlife Fund?

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The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is one of the most successful conservation organizations in the world. From working to save endangered species to educating people about sustainable practices in all parts of life, the WWF works for the genuine benefit of all life on the planet — human and otherwise.

If you’re looking to support the WWF in its important work, there are many ways to do so, including everything from one-time donations to volunteer work and even virtual greeting cards. No matter how much time or money is available to you, it’s possible to make a difference with the WWF.

What Is the World Wildlife Foundation?

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has been a leading conservation organization for decades. The organization was created on April 1961 and has continued to expand since then. As of May 2020, WWF works in over 100 countries at many different levels. The organization’s grassroots efforts aim to promote resource conservation and sustainable practices in local communities, while its collaborative efforts with scientists across the world to protect the planet and its resources. There are over one million WWF supporters in the U.S. and over five million internationally.

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WWF has six main goals: creating a zero-carbon planet that’s powered by renewable energy; doubling net food availability; preserving crucial forests around the world; protecting freshwater supplies; and keeping oceans and marine life healthy. And of course, the WWF also works hard to protect endangered species around the world.

Supporting WWF Financially

Short on time but have money to spare? A monetary donation can help support the WWF directly, and you can make it monthly if you’d like to make your financial support ongoing without the hassle of many individual donations. Either option can make you a member of the WWF, which in turn qualifies you for the organization’s online magazine, a free gift (such as a tote bag, whale socks, and other options), travel deals and more. You can also make a donation in someone else’s name or gift them with WWF stock.

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Additionally, gift and estate planning make it possible to support the World Wildlife Fund and future generations even after you pass away. Options include leaving a gift in your will, either as a set amount or a certain percentage of your estate, or naming the WWF a beneficiary to certain assets you leave behind, such as retirement plans or life insurance policies.

Making a Difference With Time

There are other ways you can make a difference if you’re short on funds but want to help. One choice is to visit the Action Center on the WWF website, which lists opportunities to sign petitions, participate in local events and fundraisers, register to vote and more. By entering your email address in the provided box, you can even get notices sent directly to your inbox.

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One such way to volunteer is WWF’s Panda Ambassador program. As an ambassador, you’ll host educational events and activities, lead the way in marches and protests, meet with business leaders and politicians and more. You’ll educate others on environmental issues, inspire those around you to do their part to create a better world and assume a leadership role in your community.

If you don’t have money to donate yourself, you can also encourage other people to donate by hosting a fundraiser. To get started, you’ll be asked to create a fundraising page. Choices range from special occasions such as birthdays, weddings and graduations to participating in a race or athletic event to help support the WWF. You can also honor your favorite animal or create your own fundraiser.

Having Fun and Doing Good

While donations, volunteer work and other traditional forms of advocacy are invaluable to the WWF, the organization also offers some unique and decidedly fun alternatives as well, including sending free wildlife ecards to friends and family members, testing your animal IQ with a series of quizzes on your favorite animals and downloading the organization’s best wildlife and nature photos on your device. These activities help raise awareness within yourself and among friends about the WWF’s work. You can also download the WWF app to learn more about your favorite species.

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If a safari or adventure is more your style, consider traveling with the WWF to see some of the world’s most renowned wildlife and destinations. Doing so will not only help you educate yourself, but also financially support the WWF and its work.