What Are the Most Popular Lessons on Kahoot?

Photo Courtesy: Kahoot!

Kahoot! is a game-based learning app that’s been growing in popularity in classrooms around the country, helping students and teachers create their own interactive quizzes that they can then play as a group for a bit of friendly competition. Educators — and students who are studying at home — can also select options from a premade quiz bank to further test their knowledge. The main premise of Kahoot! is to keep education fun and play-based so that students enjoy learning and have different opportunities to engage with the material they're learning. 

While Kahoot! isn't just for students — you can easily use it to create entertaining trivia games for parties, work events and other gatherings — this app is primarily aimed at bolstering classroom curricula in the earlier grades. But does it use lesson materials aside from quizzes to do so? Find out more about Kahoot!'s range of learning modules.