What Are the Best Online Games for Kindergarten Students?

Photo Courtesy: Emma Innocenti/Getty Images

Games are a fun way to keep kids entertained and engaged, busting boredom while giving you some time to get things done. But kids' games are even better when they’re geared toward learning. Kindergarten's a key time in your child's education and development, and the skills they learn now build a strong foundation for them moving forward. This grade level is the beginning of learning reading, writing, fine motor skills, counting and making sense of the world.

Kindergarteners are naturally curious and enthusiastic, and the best games captivate those qualities to help kids learn while they also have fun — that's what helps them focus, after all. But where do you find the right games for your little learner? Check out five great resources with the best kindergarten games online to help get you and your kindergartener started.