Is Online Grocery Shopping Safe After Coronavirus?

Photo Courtesy: svetikd/E+/Getty Images

As the coronavirus pandemic began sweeping the nation in late winter and spring of 2020, many people started sheltering in place and staying out of public spaces to avoid catching the virus. For this reason, online grocery shopping saw a major boom. Before the pandemic, only about 3% of grocery shopping was completed online in the United States. After the pandemic began, that number rose to around 10% and is expected to continue to climb in the years to come.

Shopping for groceries online can be a safer option than shopping in person at the store because online ordering can limit your exposure to other people who may have the virus. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) even recommends that you use online services when they're available. But the level of safety possible also depends on the steps you take to follow effective precautions, even when you get your groceries delivered. Learn how grocery delivery may be safer, along with some important ways to keep yourself healthy if you choose to shop for groceries online.