How Do I Play Kahoot Online?

Photo Courtesy: @GetKahoot/Twitter

Kahoot! is a popular learning platform that many teachers use in the classroom to get students engaged, but it’s not only limited to learning in school settings. This fun app provides quizzes that help assess learning — or give groups an interactive activity to enjoy. While an educator can make a Kahoot! quiz in order to test students’ knowledge or to help them review and prepare before a quiz or test, it's not limited to these purposes. 

Businesses and offices can also use the app to make team meetings more fun and collaborative. And you can also simply join a Kahoot! from home or create one of your own to test yourself on any a number of subjects and topics. But enjoying Kahoot! starts with learning how to play it online. To get going, learn more about Kahoot!, how to get started, how to play online and how to create your own game.