What Social-Emotional Learning Activities Can Kids Do in Quarantine?

Photo Courtesy: Jahi Chikwendiu/Getty Images

During quarantine, kids can miss out on the social benefits they typically get from interacting with others in a school environment, which could set them back in terms of social-emotional learning (SEL). SEL involves skills that build up a child’s confidence, help them develop relationships and promote their use of cognitive thinking to work through various social situations. And success in this process stems from collaboration, teamwork, the development of empathy and the healthy navigation of feelings — a level of emotional maturity that kids often learn from interacting with others in a classroom setting. But even if your child isn't learning SEL in school or from other social situations while you’re sheltering in place, you can still assist them from the comfort of home.

A child’s SEL needs continual stimulation so they can develop these critical skills. Fortunately, many of the activities kids can do at home to facilitate better SEL are things they can do with parents — that may even be beneficial for parents as well. If you want to promote this learning at home, take a look at SEL activities you can do with your child to encourage their mental well-being and help them develop essential life skills.