Does Ravelry Have Tips on How to Start Crocheting?

Photo Courtesy: Lutai Razvan/EyeEm/Getty Images

Founded in 2007 by Cassidy and Jessica Forbes, Ravelry is a social networking site for crafters who are into fiber arts. The idea came to them when Jessica, a knitter, was frustrated because she had a hard time keeping up with knitting patterns and blogs she enjoyed following online. Cassidy, who would eventually become her spouse, had a background in computer science. The two put their heads together and came up with Ravelry.

As of 2020, the site had more than 9 million users and three employees besides Jessica and Cassidy. In addition to offering a place where people can discuss activities like knitting, crocheting and weaving, the site claims to be inclusive and friendly to people of all backgrounds from all around the world. Learn more about Ravelry, including whether or not it has tips on how to start crocheting.