What Stores Have the Best Mattress Sales All Year Round?

By Chris QueenLast Updated Jun 24, 2020 7:18:20 PM ET
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A mattress is probably something that you don't think about much until it's time to buy a new one. Chances are you don't plan too far ahead when it comes to mattress shopping, which is why finding a good sale on a mattress is welcome, no matter what time of year you need to pick out a new model.

If you have the time to look around, you'll find sites and stores that have good sales and prices on mattresses throughout the year. Here are the best places to shop for a mattress if you're in the market for a good value — try these retailers first as you begin your search.


Plenty of people check out the online retailer Wayfair for furniture and decor, but did you know that Wayfair is also a terrific option when you need to browse mattresses? Its site offers an impressive selection of mattresses that are worth a look at regular prices, but it also has several sales throughout the year that make buying here an even bigger money saver. Its product lineup typically includes several well-known national brands, too.

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Wayfair also offers a 100-night trial period. At any time during that period, you can send your mattress back for a full refund, minus shipping costs, or you can move up to a higher-priced mattress and pay the difference.

The Original Mattress Factory

The Original Mattress Factory sells out of more than 100 factory stores throughout the country, and you can also buy one of its mattresses online. Often, its prices are difficult to beat because it builds its mattresses in factories adjacent to its stores. Its mattresses come in all sizes and various price points.

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In addition to its low prices and great deals, The Original Mattress Factory has a sterling reputation for customer service. Its friendly sales and delivery personnel, clean stores and punctual delivery garner stellar reviews from customers. Buyers also praise the company's selection of mattresses at affordable price levels.


Macy's has been the gold standard in retail for well over a century, and customers have trusted the store for mattresses for much of that time. Its selection skews heavily toward premium brands, but it carries inventory from the biggest names in bedding. Best of all, it offers sales on its mattress offerings throughout the year, and it will match competitors' prices.

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If you're in the market for a luxury mattress, regardless of the size or type you want, chances are you'll find it at Macy's. Be on the lookout for its frequent sales and promotions, and include Macy's in your comparison shopping.


You buy almost everything else from Amazon, so why not get your next mattress there? Amazon offers an array of mattress options that match the quality levels of most any other product that you’d expect this online giant to sell, and its prices are competitive and include frequent deals and sales. Amazon carries its own brand, along with a number of others.

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Amazon also allows you to return any mattress you buy if you're not satisfied. The shipping and return policies vary depending on the manufacturer, so be sure to check shipping prices and return options before you buy.


When you walk into a Walmart store, you might not always see mattresses on display. While some Walmart locations offer them in-store, you can always buy them online. Its selection is vast, from store brands to top brand-name manufacturers. However, if you're buying online, it's important to make sure you're ordering directly from Walmart and not a third-party seller to take advantage of its pricing and sale offers.

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If you buy directly from Walmart, your mattress is eligible for a 90-night trial with the option to return the mattress minus delivery fees. It's hard to beat Walmart's low prices and frequent deals.