Which Stores Have the Best Mattress Sales All Year Round?

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The power of a good night’s sleep can be life changing. If you sleep well for the right amount of time, the positive effects of your undisturbed rest shine through in a number of ways, including a greater sense of physical refreshment and sharper mental clarity. Turn that around and lose out on quality sleep, and it doesn’t take long for your entire body to feel the negative effects. Studies indicate that your immune system, cardiovascular system, weight and diabetes risk are all negatively impacted by a lack of quality sleep.

That means it’s important to replace your mattress as soon as it starts to become uncomfortable and prevents you from sleeping well. Generally, mattresses can be expected to last about six to eight years, but many variables can affect the individual lifespans of different mattresses. Furniture stores and mattress companies often have huge blowout sales around holidays like President’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day, but you may not be able to accurately predict when it will be time to replace your mattress.

So, what do you do when you suddenly find yourself in need of a new mattress in between those big sale periods? Fortunately, you can still find great deals on mattresses, even if you don’t have time to plan ahead. Start your search with these top retailers that offer great prices on mattresses all year round.


Tons of shoppers check out the great deals on furniture, home goods and decor offered by online retailer Wayfair every single day. The site also boasts an ample selection of mattresses in many different styles and price ranges. The regular everyday prices are often impressive, and the company also runs sales on rotating classes of products, including mattresses. If you catch one of those sales, you could save even more. The mattress lineup typically includes both lesser-known brands and well-known national brands at very reasonable prices.

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Wayfair also offers a 100-night trial period on mattress purchases. If your new mattress isn’t comfortable and perfectly suited to your sleeping style, you can exchange it or return it for a full refund at any time within the 100-night window. If you swap it for a higher-priced mattress, you only have to pay the price difference.

The Original Mattress Factory

Besides convenient online sales, The Original Mattress Factory operates more than 100 factory stores throughout the country. The company builds its own mattresses in factories that are adjacent to its stores, which makes it very hard for other retailers to beat them on price for comparable quality. The mattresses come in all sizes at various quality levels and price points and boast high customer ratings across models.

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In addition to its low everyday prices and great deals, The Original Mattress Factory has a sterling reputation for its customer service. The friendly sales and delivery personnel, clean stores, and punctual delivery all garner stellar reviews from customers. Additionally, the mattress ratings average between four and five stars based on customer reviews.


Macy’s is a name mostly recognized for its fashion and accessory lines, but the retail giant offers an impressive selection of furniture and mattresses as well. The inventory tends to focus heavily on premium mattress brands that include most of the biggest names in bedding. That can add up to higher price tags, but Macy’s offers frequent mattress sales throughout the year, giving customers the opportunity to cash in on great prices on high-quality products. The company also matches competitors’ prices on the same models.

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If you’re in the market for a good deal on a luxury mattress — regardless of the size or type — you have an excellent chance of finding it at Macy’s. Just be sure to keep your eyes open for big sales and promotions, which are frequent, and include Macy’s in all your comparison shopping.


With the ongoing growth in online retail (in 2020, in particular), you can now buy almost everything from Amazon, so why not check out the massive inventory before buying your next mattress as well? Not surprisingly, the online mega-retailer offers an array of mattress options in a variety of quality levels, just as you would expect to find for all the typical retail products on the site. Prices went up dramatically during the COVID-19 pandemic — third-party seller price gouging was the main culprit — but on a normal basis, Amazon’s prices are competitive, with sellers offering frequent deals and sales to grab consumers’ attention.

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Amazon also carries its own mattress brand in addition to offering numerous others, and you can return any Amazon-branded mattress you buy if you’re not satisfied. The shipping and return policies vary for other manufacturers and sellers, so be sure to check shipping prices and return options before you buy.


When you walk into a Walmart store, you won’t see mattresses on display, but that doesn’t mean the massive retailer doesn’t sell them. Some Walmart locations offer inexpensive, bed-in-a-box, memory foam types of mattresses in the store, but the majority of mattress styles must be purchased online. With third-party sellers adding to the inventory, the selection is actually quite large through Walmart and includes both store brands and top brand-name mattress manufacturers. If you’re buying online, it’s important to make sure you’re ordering directly from Walmart and not a third-party seller to take advantage of Walmart’s guaranteed low prices and sale offers.

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If you buy directly from Walmart, your mattress is eligible for a 90-night sleep trial that allows you to return the mattress within that time frame for a full refund, minus delivery fees. If you can find the right mattress on the site for your body type and sleep style, it’s certainly hard to beat Walmart’s low prices and frequent deals.