What to Know About Lexia Core 5

By Staff WriterLast Updated June 24, 2020

When it comes to teaching kids how to read, few programs match up to Lexia Core 5. Suitable for students in pre-k through fifth grade, the technology-based literacy program offers a personalized experience in six unique aspects of reading. In turn, teachers receive individualized data for each student that they can put to good use in the classroom. As of 2018, just under 800,000 students use the program that's fun and easy to access via computer and various mobile devices. These are just a few reasons why Lexia Core 5 helps students succeed.

1. It Addresses Phonics

Phonics and phonological awareness are two major components of Lexia Core 5. This includes activities that force students to understand segments and syllables within words, instead of just the words themselves. These activities start at the pre-k level, immersing children early. When students have the skills to recognize these syllables and segments, it's easier for them to understand new words they aren't familiar with that they may encounter in the future, setting them up for success when reading at any age. Students also learn the relationship between letters and sounds through fun activities and games that teach pattern recognition and syllable division.

2. It Builds Vocabulary

Lexia Core 5 doesn't just help students learn how to read. It sets them up to have a stronger vocabulary for the rest of their lives. The program goes beyond just teaching new words to teach word relationships and association. Studies have shown that the stronger a child's vocabulary is, the more success he or she will have with reading as they grow up. Not only do they learn to read words, but they learn how to understand and relate to them. Throughout the vocabulary portion of the program, the activities become more challenging as a student's skill level increases. For example, students may start selecting pictures that match vocabulary words and eventually advance to identifying word meanings by reading a passage.

3. It Focuses on Reading Comprehension

Reading comprehension is another major component of Lexia Core 5. This ensures students can not only read the material, but they can also make sense of it on a concrete and abstract level. Each activity relating to reading comprehension uses higher order thinking skills and increases in difficulty as a student masters the skills. Students learn to think critically about information presented to them, both written and orally. They're asked questions about the sequence of events that happened in a story or to name of the specific details. Excellent reading comprehension skills can help foster a love of reading for life in addition to its many practical uses.

4. It Brings Automaticity to a Student's Reading Abilities

When you read something, you don't usually stop to think about all of the skills that go into it. It comes as naturally as riding a bike or driving a specific route to your house each day. One of the goals of Lexia Core 5 is to help students reach this level of automaticity when they read on their own. This frees up brain energy to focus on reading comprehension, understand the material and even enjoying the material. Automaticity and fluency activities that focus on speed are offered as a part of the program. Each student can access activities and warm ups that take skills they've already learned and presents them in such a way that they become faster and more proficient at incorporating these skills into their reading abilities.

5. It's Suitable for All Levels

One of the best things about Lexia Core 5 is that it's suitable for students from all backgrounds and for those with all reading abilities. No two children learn in the same way in a classroom, and it can be difficult and time-consuming for a teacher to come up with individualized ways to work with each student. Whether a child is behind, right on par with his or her grade level or advanced when it comes to reading, the program will build a personalized path towards greater achievement. This is also great for teachers with students who came from different school districts or didn't attend preschool and may be off track with what the classroom is currently learning.