What Do You Need to Know to Buy a Used Golf Cart?

Photo Courtesy: Tim Macpherson/Cultura/Getty Images

These days, golf carts are more than just vehicles to transport you and your buddies to the next distant green on the fairway. Some models comfortably seat four adults, prompting families to use them as quick short-range transportation in communities that allow residents to drive golf carts on city streets. Even in towns with restrictions, many people use them on their own property to travel from one end to another and transport lightweight items. 

In short, owning a golf cart can be both useful and fun far outside the boundaries of a golf course. If you’re willing to buy a used golf cart, you can often save a great deal of money, but you need to learn what to look for and what to avoid to make sure your money is well spent. Start by considering these five factors when searching for the right used golf cart at a great price.