Where Can I Find Free Crochet Patterns Online?

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While it may be true that your grandmother and her friends are the queens of crochet, that doesn’t mean it’s a hobby you should save for retirement. With a global pandemic suddenly leaving many of us with hours of free time we never had before, relaxing pastimes like crocheting captured the attention of a whole new generation of fans. 

People of all ages have learned to master the craft and make a ton of cool things, ranging from fashionable hats and scarves to sweet baby blankets and booties. In fact, once you get the hang of it, the biggest challenge may be making sure you’ve always got a fresh supply of awesome patterns to keep you busy. Fortunately, many sites online offer free patterns to crocheters, so grab your favorite skeins of yarn and check out these great sites.


As the name hints, Craftsy isn’t just for crochet lovers. It’s a site dedicated to all sorts of crafting, from quilting and knitting to baking and gardening. For crocheting, Craftsy offers free online classes as well as a selection of project kits, hooks and notions. Best of all, the collection includes thousands of paid and free crochet patterns

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You can choose patterns for beginning, intermediate and advanced skill levels or pick from categories that focus on elements like specific techniques, types of clothing or accessories, the intended recipient, items for the home, and adorable toys. You can also narrow your searches to only include free patterns or those that fall under a maximum price limit.

Crochet Pattern Central

In terms of site creativity, Crochet Pattern Central is a bit plain compared to some of the other choices on this list, but it makes up for its lack of web appeal by offering access to close to 20,000 crochet patterns. The directory of free crochet patterns organizes the different options into broad categories that are listed alphabetically. The choices include common crochet items like baby items, placemats, mittens, potholders and scarves as well as more unique creations like jewelry, keychains and hair scrunchies. 

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The site also offers tips and tricks, crochet tutorials, and patterns that blend knitting and crocheting. A Google-powered search bar can help you search the site for specific items or themes.


At first glance, the home page of Ravelry doesn’t offer much to inspire new users to sign up for a free account, but once you take that first step, you will gain access to a huge world of all things crochet. First, the selection of free patterns numbers in the thousands, with new choices added each day. The pattern search engine makes navigation quick and easy, and you can see examples of items made by real people who used the patterns.

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In addition to a great pattern library, the site offers numerous other fun and helpful features for crocheters. If you’re looking for other like-minded crochet fans to swap patterns with and offer some guidance, the Groups page adds a social element to the site by helping you make connections. The Yarns page provides you with all the information you need to make the best yarn decisions for different types of projects. As you work, organize and save all your favorite projects and patterns in your own custom product notebook.

Red Heart

If you’re crafty in any yarn-related way, then you’re probably already familiar with the Red Heart brand. The popular yarn manufacturer offers an assortment of yarn, hooks, kits, accessories and other sewing items, and it also features thousands of free crochet patterns on the corporate website, Yarnspirations. If you’re looking for crochet patterns only, be sure to choose that category in the Patterns menu on the navigation bar.

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Patterns can be filtered in various ways, including by skill level, by type of item, by type of recommended yarn and more. The newest and most popular patterns are usually featured on the homepage of the free pattern site along with other cool offers and features. The How-To tab features helpful pattern tutorials and crocheting tips and tricks.

Lion Brand

From the simple to the luxurious, Lion Brand Yarn covers the full spectrum of craft yarns. To help you weave it all together in appealing designs, the company offers tons of free and paid patterns that you can either print out or save to your account to return to again and again as needed. The sidebar provides easy-to-navigate filters to help you narrow the selection of patterns based on project type, holiday theme, skill level and more. Other theme filters include baby, dog, home, women, men and gifts. When you find the pattern you want, you can easily pick up yarn, hooks and other supplies while you’re still on the site.

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