Where Can I Find Free Crochet Patterns Online?

Photo Courtesy: Niedring/Drentwett/MITO Images/Getty Images

While it may be true that your grandmother and her friends are the queens of crochet, that doesn’t mean it’s a hobby you should save for retirement. With a global pandemic suddenly leaving many of us with hours of free time we never had before, relaxing pastimes like crocheting captured the attention of a whole new generation of fans. 

People of all ages have learned to master the craft and make a ton of cool things, ranging from fashionable hats and scarves to sweet baby blankets and booties. In fact, once you get the hang of it, the biggest challenge may be making sure you’ve always got a fresh supply of awesome patterns to keep you busy. Fortunately, many sites online offer free patterns to crocheters, so grab your favorite skeins of yarn and check out these great sites.