Where Can You Shop for a New Garage Door?

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Your garage door is an integral part of your home. Not only is it highly visible from outside, but it’s also the entrance you probably use most. For this reason, replacing it is one of the best ways to add a little curb appeal to your place.

On top of that, everything from weather damage to standard wear and tear can make even the sturdiest garage doors eventually need replacing, both for aesthetic reasons and because of safety concerns. If you’re in the market for a new one, here are some places where you may want to start your search.

Home Depot

You can find Home Depot stores across the country, and with good reason. From tools to materials, Home Depot has everything you need to get almost any job done, and that includes installing a new garage door. While not every store is guaranteed to have garage doors for sale, the Home Depot website makes it easy to order supplies and pick them up at your local store. There are even guides to the best garage doors and what to expect the project to cost.

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Once you have an idea of what you want, you can shop from the company’s selection of doors, narrowing your options by size, features, color and other options. Home Depot also has a team that will install your door for you.


Lowe’s is similar to Home Depot in many respects, but the two chains frequently carry slightly different inventory. Because of this, it’s often best to check both stores before beginning a project to ensure you get the best deal and product for the job. And like Home Depot, Lowe’s has an excellent website that will help you compare prices even remotely.

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In fact, Lowe’s even has online guides on topics ranging from the best garage door openers to how to identify what you need out of a garage door. You can also set up an appointment to talk with a sales associate who can offer advice on how to pick the door you want. Once you’ve made your choice, Lowe’s can also handle the installation process if you’re not one for DIY projects. company will install it. Both Lowe’s and Home Depot offer financing options if you can’t afford the door up front.

Local Independent Sellers

While Home Depot and Lowe’s are dependable stores, there are also plenty of local hardware stores across the country that can help you find a garage door, from mom and pop shops to regional chains, like Orchard Supply Hardware. Not only do these stores play a key role in local communities, but they also sometimes offer better deals or different products.

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To find a trustworthy garage door seller and installer in your community, ask your friends, family and neighbors who they use. Check online reviews, and call around for quotes before making a decision.

The Manufacturer

While you can’t usually buy a garage door straight from the manufacturer, a company’s website can be a great place to start shopping. If you have your measurements and a photo of your home, some manufacturers, such as Clopay, also have features on their websites that let you see what types of doors look best on your house. You can play around with it until you find something you like.

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Manufacturer sites also typically have a page to help you find an authorized dealer in your area, whether it’s a hardware store or an independent shop. You can then take the information and contact the dealer to discuss the details.

Doing It Yourself

Most of the time, when you buy a door from a company, they’ll install the door themselves in exchange for an extra fee. Even if you love doing DIY projects around the house, it’s probably best to go with a professional in most cases. Garage doors are large, and they can present a safety hazard if they aren’t installed properly.

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On top of that, getting the door to actually work can be difficult if you’re unfamiliar with installing one, which can be both frustrating and time-consuming. Professional installers can usually get the door installed within a few hours, while it may take much longer for a non-professional to attempt the task.