What Are Some Fun Word Scramble Games You Can Play Online?

Photo Courtesy: Roberto Westbrook/Image Source/Getty Images

Remember your childhood days when simple word puzzle games were all the rage? We carried around magazine-like books filled with all kinds of mind challenges, from traditional crossword puzzles and word searches to word jumbles and scrambles, and pulled them out pretty much anytime we had to be quiet. The love affair with words even popped up in the 3-D world in the form of the family favorite Scrabble board game.

Years later, the transition to high-tech devices dampened our traditional fascination with puzzles, but that doesn’t mean wonderful options no longer exist. You just have to go digital to find plenty of sites and apps that will challenge you to unscramble letters to your heart’s content. If you’ve got a way with words, don’t miss this roundup of some of our favorites, complete with links to help you find them.