How Do You Adopt a Shelter Puppy?

Photo Courtesy: Emilija Manevska/Moment/Getty Images

If you’ve ever walked by a puppy display where they’re giving away puppies or setting up paid adoptions, then you know how hard it is to keep on walking. Those cute little furry faces and those crazy antics are hard to resist on any day. Throw in a mountain of extra stress — you know, like a global pandemic — and it’s almost impossible not to take a new fur baby home. 

Adopting a new furry family member is exciting, and it just makes you feel good. Adopting a shelter puppy is even better. Not only are you introducing a cute little creature into your life, but you’re saving that cute little life as well. That’s an extra dose of feel-good when life seems so precarious — but that doesn’t mean you should rush in without a little planning.

The key to making the adoption process smooth is to be prepared and patient. Your new little guy or girl is going to need some training, your house is going to need some puppy-proofing, and you may lose a favorite pair of shoes or two. But in the end, it’s well worth it when you gain the new best friend you never knew you needed. Here are some tips to help you get started.