What Are 10 of the Best Online Educational Games for Kids?

Photo Courtesy: mihailomilovanovic/E+/Getty Images

If you're like many parents, you worry about the amount of screen time your children get. From anxiety over the scary news stories about the mysterious blue light emanating from computers and mobile devices and disrupting their sleep cycles to simple fear that their brains will turn to mush from all the junk viewing, the reasons for our angst aren’t hard to understand. If video games and YouTube make up the bulk of your kids’ tech time, then it's definitely time to present them with some better alternatives.

With “online” and “remote” becoming key elements in education for the foreseeable future, the time has never been more right to incorporate some educational games into the daily technology mix for our kids. If you’re not sure where to start, check out these top 10 educational game sites that can help satisfy their craving for technology while strengthening their core learning skills.