Are Free Movie Sites Like 123Movies Legal and Safe?

Photo Courtesy: PeopleImages/E+/Getty Images

If you've ever been tempted to search for free movies online, you certainly aren’t alone. Some content is legitimately free to stream, but the key is to find that appropriate content while safeguarding both your internet safety and your legal rights. If you’ve heard about websites like 123Movies and other knock-off versions that allow users all over the world to stream brand new movies for free, then you may have some questions.

The problem with the concept is obvious. How could it be possible to stream movies that are currently playing in theaters or freshly released to streaming services without paying to watch them? The answer is equally obvious — you can’t, at least not legally. Before you get shanghaied into falling for the schemes of internet pirates, let’s take a deeper look at the concerns about legitimacy and safety on sites that claim free content is only a click away.