What Are 5 Fun Games to Play Online Using Friv Platforms?

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If you’re a fan of online gaming, you already know that it’s not always easy to find cheap games that can capture and hold your attention. Drop the price point down to free, and it gets even harder to find truly good options — but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. If you haven’t checked out any of the Friv online gaming hubs yet, now is the time. The platforms host a giant collection of frivolous — yep, that’s the reason for the name “Friv” — games that are completely free and easy to play, yet vastly entertaining.

With no sign up necessary, playing cool games online has never been so easy. The home screen has columns of small tiles with colorful graphics and game names. Be aware that all Friv Flash games use Adobe Flash, and you must have the Adobe Flash Player installed to play these games. Other than that one restriction, the games are extremely click-and-play friendly, and it’s easy to lose track of time and spend hours sampling the options for both kids and adults. The list of games is long, so here’s a few of the best titles to help you get started on hours of fun.

Fireboy and Watergirl: The Forest Temple

Who wouldn’t want to be a cute little flame or an equally cute glowing drop of water who solves puzzles to level up as quickly as possible? The object of this Fireboy and Watergirl game is to make it to the exit of the temple after grabbing the diamonds. It sounds very Indiana Jones-like, doesn’t it?

Photo Courtesy: Friv.com

Well, it might not require quite the same level of skill as Indy’s adventures, but it’s an ideal game choice if you love a good challenge and some really cute characters. This particular version — there are several sequels — has been played more than 685,000 times and is one of the most popular Friv games to date.

London Rex

In the London Rex online video game, you get to be an angry, chomping T-Rex that is loose on the streets of London — let the fun begin! The object of the game is to eat as many people as you can per level, of course. Does it get any better than that? Actually, yes — you can also smash cars and destroy buildings as you terrorize the city while looking for your next snack.

Photo Courtesy: Friv.com

London Rex — and all the other Rex games for cities like Rio de Janeiro, New York City and Los Angeles — provides hours of fun if you’ve always secretly yearned to destroy virtual worlds instead of building them. It can also serve as a great stress reliever if you actually love the building games but find yourself discouraged by slow progress.

Candy Crush Saga

When you talk about addictive apps and games, different versions of the Candy Crush line are sure to come up in the discussion. The Candy Crush Saga puzzle game puts you in a race against the clock as you swap candies to match as many sets as you can before time runs out. No pressure, right?

Photo Courtesy: Friv.com

If you think it doesn’t sound compelling — well, we dare you to quit playing the game after just one round. Millions of fans just can’t seem to put it down for long. Just like real candy, the temptation and the sweet taste of victory are real. Fortunately, this one isn’t purely frivolous and offers some real benefits in terms of mastering quick reactions and problem-solving skills.

Where’s My Water?

Uh-oh! Poor Swampy has a broken shower, and he needs your help to fix it. Use your brain power and puzzle solving abilities to figure out the fastest ways to cut through layer after layer of dirt to deliver water to Swampy’s shower. Each level gets progressively harder, of course, so you may wish you had a physics degree as the game progresses, but you won’t need one to solve the problem again and again. Where’s My Water? is one of the most popular Friv games to play online.

Photo Courtesy: Friv.com

Motocross Unleashed 3D

Whether the vehicles are cars, motorcycles, dirt bikes or even go-karts, many gamers just can’t seem to get enough of racing games. The Motocross Unleashed 3D Friv racing game has been played more than 380,000 times. That’s quite a few laps around the track, to say the least. Get ready to hop on your digital bike and try to prove you’re the best rider by avoiding traps and beating all the other players to the end. Don’t forget to use those boosts when you need them to get ahead. They are almost as helpful as all that fruit you get to throw in Mario Kart.

Photo Courtesy: Friv.com