5 Great Apps to Help You Track the Weather


If you like to live on the edge, you probably don’t mind getting caught in the rain without an umbrella or wearing a heavy sweater when the temperature suddenly shifts to 80 degrees. For everyone else, keeping up with the weather is an important part of planning everything from what to wear to when and where to go on vacation. Luckily, several weather apps make it easier than ever to track the weather from any location. Check out these favorites for tracking the weather on both Android and iOS


If you’re looking for a free app that lets you know how the weather will impact your life, WeatherBug is the right choice. Not only does it give you hourly forecasts, but it also tells you how the weather will impact your health and traffic flow during your commute. Beyond those lifestyle forecasts and visual appeal, WeatherBug digs a bit deeper when updating you on the weather. Use the app to check out Doppler Radar or PulseRad Radar, and sign up for alerts related to major weather events.

Weather Underground

Weather Underground is proven to be one of the most accurate, and it’s free. It’s a cool app for weather geeks and those who like to know more than the temperature each day. You may even learn more about the weather than you ever wanted to know. The app includes hyper-localized weather forecasts to let you know exactly what’s going on in your neck of the woods or your microclimate. Part of the accuracy comes from crowdsourcing, thanks to its access to more than 200,000 personal weather stations all over the world. You can also look at pictures, video, webcams and verbal reports from the Weather Underground user community.

Dark Sky

Many users claim Dark Sky is the most accurate weather app, probably because it can tell you what the weather is going to do down to the minute. You can also check out the hourly forecast for the week ahead. The app is quick, and you can pinpoint any location and sign up for notifications for weather changes as they occur. There’s a widget you can integrate into your home screen. The app costs $3.99, but most users feel it’s well worth it.


AccuWeather isn’t just one of the best weather apps around; it’s one of the easiest to use and understand. It presents the weather in such a simple way that even a toddler could figure it out. Despite its no-frills appearance, you receive up to two hours of minute-by-minute weather forecasts at once. You can also check out hourly forecasts for the next three days. Despite the simplicity, the app includes a few extras. It tells you when the sun is going to set, what may aggravate your allergies and any weather-related news. You can even send in your own video and photos from weather events.

Carrot Weather

Last but not least is Carrot Weather. This app can be a bit silly, but it pulls weather info from some credible sources, including some of the apps mentioned above, so don’t dismiss it because it’s fun. The app features snappy dialogue and attractive animations you can customize to your liking. You can keep up with hourly and daily forecasts and then take a look at what the weather was like decades in the past. Get notifications from the app, sync it up with your Apple Watch and use the Carrot Weather widget to get the weather right on your home screen.