What Is the Best HR Software in Australia in 2021?

Photo Courtesy: FG Trade/E+/Getty Images

When it comes to managing your business, human resources (HR) software is essential if you have employees, and the best software for the job is one that has features that take care of multiple needs in one package. It wasn’t that long ago that HR professionals had to use separate programs to run payroll, onboard new employees, manage benefits and maintain accurate personnel files. Go back a little further, and all that information was stored on paper — gasp! — in dozens of metal file cabinets.

Thank goodness those days are over! All you need now is the right HR software to combine the features you need to make managing your company’s HR records faster, more efficient and probably far more accurate. Many systems are available around the world, although some may be country specific. Let’s take a look at some of the best HR software options in Australia for 2021.