How Do You Find the Best Long-Term Weather Forecasts? Images

Throughout the U.S., the weather can be quite unpredictable, even with state-of-the-art radar, sensors and computer modeling technology right at meteorologists’ fingertips. Regions of the country experience vastly different climates, requiring you to pack an entirely different wardrobe for a summer trip to Florida than a summer trip to Maine. Changing weather fronts and storm conditions merely add to the complexity of figuring out what to expect from the weather each year.

Of course, on a normal basis, you can easily check the daily forecast for your city and trust the information well enough to plan your day around it. If the forecast includes rain, make sure your umbrella is in the car. If it predicts sunny skies and high temperatures, dress in lightweight clothing with short sleeves. That’s simple enough, but what happens when you need to see a little farther into the future for a big event? It’s much more challenging to find long-term forecasts you can trust for future planning.

Before you plan a big outdoor wedding three months from now or finally book that long-awaited dream vacation, it’s a good idea to do a little digging to try to get a potential peek at likely weather scenarios during a particular future timeframe. When you go beyond weather 10-day forecasts, you run into some limitations, of course, but you can increase your odds of successful planning by following a few helpful tips for researching long-term weather forecasts.