What Is the Best Plumbing Dispatch Software in 2022?

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Consumers could need a plumbing service for anything from a minor faucet drip or stubborn clog to a complete bathroom remodel or a broken pipe that floods an entire bathroom or kitchen. Unfortunately, more often than not, when a customer calls a plumber, they need help as soon as possible. With emergency services accounting for such a large percentage of plumbing needs, plumbing companies need to use reliable plumbing dispatch software to ensure jobs are organized appropriately and aren’t unnecessarily delayed or even lost in the chaos entirely.

Plumbing companies have a few reliable, proven plumbing dispatch software systems they can use for scheduling to ensure they reach their vital customer base quickly. Many of the applications also have features that help with organizing and managing the business in other ways. Examples include features to handle estimates, invoicing, accounts payable, QuickBooks integration and more. Some systems also have features for plumbers in the field, such as GPS services and route optimization.


HouseCallPro is a type of plumbing dispatch software, but it offers many more features than just dispatch. In fact, it’s one of the few plumbing applications that also offers marketing features to help you attract additional clients. Besides that extra perk, it includes the expected scheduling and dispatching features, ensuring your plumbers always know where to go and when. Convenient billing systems allow you to create both estimates for customers to review costs up front and invoices for payment.

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Additional features include GPS tracking, QuickBooks integration and live chat customer support that allows customers to contact plumbers when they’re in the field. Because of its many features, HouseCallPro is one of the top rated plumbing dispatch software applications. The premium level of features does come with one drawback — the expensive price tag.

Verizon Connect Field Service

The Verizon Connect field service software offers many of the same features as HouseCallPro, but it doesn’t include many marketing options. However, the basic application suite comes at a lower price (roughly $20 per month), depending on the options chosen. It offers scheduling and dispatching software that allows plumbers to communicate with both dispatch and clients. A mobile app keeps technicians connected in the field.

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The software also offers GPS tracking to guide technicians and analytics reporting, which is important for evaluating numerous aspects of the business. Customer profiles are also included to help the plumbers keep track of a customer’s history and past problems. Verizon also offers incredible technical support when problems arise, and agents are available by both phone and live chat.

Service Fusion for Plumbing Services

If ease of use tops your list of things you look for in dispatch software, then Service Fusion is your best bet. The software is seamless and simple to set up, but it still offers many of the same features as the other software companies. Service Fusion includes scheduling and dispatching services as well as GPS tracking. It also integrates office payroll services, including QuickBooks integration, as well as invoicing, estimate creation and payment systems, which customers can view and access. The embedded communication software allows customers and employees to interact if any questions or problems arise.

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Smart Service Plumbing Software

Many different plumbing dispatch software packages include QuickBooks integration or payroll services, but Smart Service adds financing software to the mix, making billing and invoicing a breeze for your payroll department. It also has a Smart Service TV network with videos to guide you through the process of installing the software, which can be a bit complicated. As with other types of dispatch software, it offers scheduling and dispatch, GPS tracking, route optimization and live chat customer support. If having payroll and QuickBooks integration is an important attribute for you, then Smart Service is a great choice.

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