What Are the Best Sites for Creating Quizzes Online?

Photo Courtesy: Klaus Vedfelt/DigitalVision/Getty Images

There's a lot that goes into making helpful and fun quizzes that people actually want to take or that can accurately measure student knowledge. For starters, you need to take the time to create questions that are easy to interpret but with just enough of a challenge to make participants think. But before you even do that, you need to begin with your goal in mind. What's the purpose of your quiz? That should be the guide for your questions, your format and the overall tone of the quiz.

Another important element that can simplify the entire process? A great online quiz maker. These tools help you create engaging quizzes quickly while weaving in all the things you need, like graphics, sound effects and data collection. In the spirit of multiple choice, check out four of the best sites for creating quizzes online.