What Are the Best Video Conferencing Applications?

Photo Courtesy: Alistair Berg/DigitalVision/Getty Images

Both routine business practices and personal communication have changed dramatically in the midst of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. The use of video conferencing technology has risen exponentially as businesses around the world have been forced to find alternative ways to communicate and take care of business with employees working at home. Even outside the workforce, news of the various video conferencing apps quickly spread to individuals who wanted to see their family and friends and not just hear them.

The pandemic has definitely changed the way people communicate — possibly for the long-term — as video conferences continue to replace in-person communication and phone calls. In the business world, face-to-face connections between employees and managers helps everyone feel more comfortable about the work being done. Using a video conferencing solution enables teams to quickly discuss projects, assign tasks to each other and work with customers and clients as needed via video screen shares and actual conversation. Let’s take a look at some of the best options out there.