Can Frontline Education Help with Online Classes?

Photo Courtesy: SeanShot/E+/Getty Images

If you’re an educator in the U.S., you may already be familiar with the power of the suite of products provided by Frontline Education. The company develops software and other tools to help administrators and educators of all levels do everything from organize their own job responsibilities to manage human resource systems for an entire school district. Whether you’re a paraprofessional who wants to take advantage of resources to improve your skills or an administrator in need of a better system for tracking absences and substitute teacher scheduling, Frontline Education may have the perfect webinar, course or HR software to meet your needs.

Many of the courses and programs are geared toward educators who work with at-risk populations, such as students who are abused, homeless, hungry or experiencing some other type of hardship. With all the changes educators have been forced to deal with due to the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, anything that makes all the new processes easier is a welcome addition. Does Frontline Education have resources and learning materials available to support online and distance learning? Let’s find out.