Does Schoology Offer Virtual Learning Sessions?

Photo Courtesy: @iamDrWill/Twitter

With online distance learning opportunities growing by the day, learning management systems (LMS) are becoming essential for the quick, efficient delivery of everything from communication to lectures. Some systems are only available to educators and their students, but others aren’t so restricted. Schoology isn’t just for educators, for example. Parents and students can also use it to share content and collaborate.

The Schoology LMS primarily focuses on educational tools in the K-12 format, but it can also be used for higher learning institutions and corporations that want to create content to be used for teaching or instruction. Virtual and distance learning are sure to continue to grow in popularity, prompting many potential users to wonder if Schoology offers any tools to help students with virtual learning sessions. Let’s take a look at the features offered by Schoology, how it can impact distance and virtual learning, and what it may offer in the future.