How to Look Up Cell Phone Numbers

Photo Courtesy: John Sunday/Unsplash

Use the Internet to Find Cell Phone Numbers

The internet is your best friend when looking up cell phone numbers. There are a variety of sites and tools that make it simple to perform a cell phone number search. Some tools are free to use while others may charge a nominal fee. Simply typing in a person’s name tagged by their location on a search engine may give you the information you’re looking for. Take for example you know “Bob Littleton” lives in Augusta, Georgia. Search the internet for the phrase “Bob Littleton Augusta, GA, phone number” to see what pops up. There’s a chance Bob Littleton may have entered his cell phone number into a public phone book directory. If he did, you’ll likely come across it on one of the search results.

Use Social Media


Social media is another great online tool to find a person’s cell phone number. You’ll only be able to get the number if the person has added it to the social media platform and set the number to “Public.” If you’re not friends with the person on social media and you can’t see their number, but you know someone who is their friend, have them look under the person’s profile for the number. Many times, a person will adjust profile settings so that only those on his or her friend’s list can see the number.

Search by Username


Do you know the person’s username for a certain platform? Take for example a person uses the username “Easymoney123” on Reddit. There’s a good chance the person uses the same user name on other sites. There’s also a good chance the person has listed his or her phone number along with that username on one of the sites. If the person has, the phone number should pop up in your search results when you search for the username.

Use a People Search Engine


There are people search engines that are dedicated solely to showcasing people-related information. Type the name of the person you want a number for into one of these search engines and wait for the results. You’ll be surprised at how much information is available.

Call Around


Lastly, if you know someone who knows the person you need a number to, call that person. Ask for the person’s number and explain why you need it. People are sometimes leery of handing out a friend’s number, but if you explain why you want it, they will probably give it to you.