How Do You Search for Obituaries Online?

Photo Courtesy: Bruce Yuanyue Bi/The Image Bank/Getty Images

When someone you love passes away, the grief is overwhelming, but taking steps to honor the person you lost can help with the grieving process. It’s a natural time to focus on all of your loved one’s accomplishments and the wonderful memories you shared. Depending on your relationship, you may even be the one who writes some of those memories down to be included in an obituary.

Obituaries provide general information about the deceased’s family, but they also serve as a special way to remember those who have died. For many years, you could only find obituaries printed in local newspapers, but the internet has expanded the tradition to include postings online. Thanks to this transition into digital media, you can often find obituaries online for ancestors from long ago as well as those who recently passed away. Here’s a look at some tips for searching for obituaries online.