How Can You Track a Phone Number?

Photo Courtesy: courtneyk/E+/Getty Images

If you’ve ever raced across a room to grab your phone before it stops ringing, then you’ve probably experienced the disappointment of seeing a number on the screen that you don’t recognize. Of course, many of these mystery calls come in from faraway area codes you don’t recognize, which typically indicates it’s a marketing call of some type.

The real curiosity kicks in when it’s your own area code or one you recognize. You can’t help but wonder if the caller could actually be someone you know or at least someone local who needs to contact you for reasons unknown. You could call the number back to potentially solve the mystery, but then you could end up on the phone with a person or company you don’t want to talk to or don’t even know. Instead of calling the number back, you could try to identify the caller yourself. Simply check out these easy-to-follow tips for tracking a phone number.