Where Can I Watch the Easiest Squarespace Tutorials?

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Squarespace is one of the leading website builders, along with Wix, WordPress and Shopify. One of its claims to fame is its stylish and responsive templates, which make it a popular choice for blogs that are highly dependent on visuals. But that’s not the only type of site you can create using Squarespace. Whatever your site-building needs are, it’s important to learn what the process of actually building each page looks like so you have a smooth experience once you commit to a platform.

One of the best resources for Squarespace video tutorials is the company’s own website. It has more than 100 video tutorials along with simple how-to articles to help first-time users create a website on their own. Users who have become proficient with updating Squarespace have also shared tutorial videos, which they’ve either uploaded or embedded in their own Squarespace websites. Here’s what to know about watching Squarespace tutorials as you begin to use the platform.

The Lowdown on Website Builders

Creating and publishing a website used to be an exclusive playground for web designers who knew how to code. But website-building solutions came along and empowered even those with limited to no coding skills to build their own websites. Website builders provide a do-it-yourself solution for those who want to create their own website but lack the technical expertise for the task of building it with code from the back end forward.

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Because the cost of using website builders is often a mere fraction of that of utilizing professional web-design services, these tools also provide a cost-effective option when you’re working on a tighter budget. Having a website not only lends credibility to businesses, organizations and personal brands, but it likewise helps them remain competitive in the online marketplace. If you’re running a small business or want to create a presence for your consulting services, for example, building a website is almost essential — and who doesn’t want to save money while getting a site set up?

Easy Squarespace Tutorial Videos

Squarespace produced a series of videos to supplement its other user guides to help subscribers use and navigate the site builder’s many features and functionalities. If you’re looking for Squarespace tutorials, these should be your first stop. To get to Squarespace’s tutorial videos, go to the site builder’s website at squarespace.com and then hover your cursor over “Resources.” Click on “Help Guides” on the drop-down menu. Once you get to the Help Guides page, click on “Videos” on the top menu to proceed to the video tutorials.

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Squarespace’s website has a comprehensive collection of video tutorials that discusses various aspects of creating and managing a website using the site builder. Considering that there are more than 100 videos available, the tutorials are organized in different categories to allow users to select videos according to the lesson that each video covers. This allows you to view the lessons at your own pace. The video categories include options for template and design, pages and content, images, tips, and privacy and security.

The video tutorial page also includes a series designed to help give beginning web creators fast but comprehensive tutorials on the essentials of site building with Squarespace. “Getting Started with Squarespace,” “Next Steps with Squarespace” and “Personal Branding Essentials” are some of the video tutorial series on the page that you may find helpful as you master using the site.

If you have little experience using site builders, you can benefit most from beginning with the “Getting Started with Squarespace” tutorial series. It has four videos that walk users through the initial steps of setting up their own website. It starts with a video that discusses subjects like template selection, adding logos and taglines and adding basic site information. The last video in the series touches on how accounts work, how to upgrade from a trial version to any of the Squarespace plans, how to connect social media accounts and how to view your site’s analytics.

The Help Guides page also has a “Guides” icon that takes you to articles that discuss the subjects covered in the videos. These are ideal if you learn well from reading or want to reinforce what you’ve learned from the videos. Some of the guides include videos to supplement the articles and make it even easier for you to understand and apply the lessons.

Important Considerations When Choosing a Website Builder

Website builders, while they may seem to offer similar features, each has its own strengths. Subscription, domain and hosting plans can all vary between site builders, and it’s important to look at these factors when determining which one works best for your budget and needs. Evaluating all of them may seem time-consuming, but doing so pays off in the long run.

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To settle on the right website builder for your needs, first determine your website’s purpose, whether you plan to expand, the time you can commit to creating and managing it and how much you’re willing to spend for your site. Reviewing Squarespace’s tutorials before signing up for the site can also help you learn whether you ultimately want to choose this builder. If you feel as though the tutorials aren’t helpful for you, you can opt for another builder that feels more user-friendly.

Having a definite answer to these considerations will help narrow down your choices by matching them with the plans and features that come with various website builders. It’s a good idea to take advantage of free trial promos, such as the one Squarespace offers, to gain more insight on how the site builder works and to give you a feel for its user experience. You may find that you don’t like the functionality of a particular builder, and it’s important to learn this before you commit to one for the long haul.