Where Can You Find Fun Nickelodeon Games Online?

Photo Courtesy: @OldSkullGames/Twitter

In the world of awesomely fun kids’ TV, the Nickelodeon TV network holds its own against strong competitors like The Disney Channel and Cartoon Network. After Nickelodeon officially launched as the first network designed specifically for kids in 1979, it aired some original content along with syndicated repeats of longstanding favorites like Lassie and My Three Sons for a number of years. It wasn’t until the early 1990s that the network really made its mark with its first hugely successful shows, led by Rugrats, Ren and Stimpy and Doug.

Today, the network caters to kids in a wide age group, ranging from toddlers to teens, with shows like Paw Patrol, The Loud House and the forever iconic SpongeBob SquarePants. If your kids love to watch Nickelodeon shows, then Nickelodeon online games could provide the perfect solution for keeping boredom at bay while exercising their minds and their fine motor skills. Here’s where you can find fun Nickelodeon games to play online.

Official Nickelodeon Websites

Besides all its auxiliary sites for viewing in other parts of the world — Australia, U.K., Africa, etc. — Nickelodeon maintains two primary sites for accessing the networks popular TV shows, games, apps and more. The Games page at Nick.com provides information on some of the most popular game apps available via the Apple App Store, Google Play and Amazon Appstore. The selection typically includes games featuring many of Nickelodeon’s most popular characters, including SpongeBob and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Photo Courtesy: Nick.com

The Games page on the Nick.tv official website boasts a much larger selection of games, all of which play from directly inside your web browser. Games may take a few seconds to load, but no downloads or storage space are necessary. Kids can try their hand at classics like mini golf with a Nickelodeon twist (Ultimate Mini-Golf Universe) or get caught up in some Mercado Mayhem with the Casagrandes. Make sure they buckle up before playing Road Riot with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles — unless, of course, they crave a Day of Danger alongside Henry Danger. 

For sports fans, Basketball Stars 3 lets them rule the court as their favorite Nickelodeon characters. For a creative twist, steer kids toward games like Nick Studio and Art Lab for some coloring, music activities and more.

Official Nick Jr. Websites

Like the primary Nickelodeon site, Nick Jr. features some differences between the Games pages on Nickjr.com and Nickjr.tv, but for these sites, the differences are a little more complex. Some games are available to play on both sites, such as Nella the Princess Knight Super Search and Halloween House Party, but others are only available on one site or the other. The Dora the Explorer collections, for example, are completely different on the two sites, with Nickjr.com only offering two Dora games while Nickjr.tv features a larger collection of nine games that include Dora.

Photo Courtesy: Nickjr.tv

The games themselves are ideal for a younger crowd of players and feature all the popular — and adorable — Nick Jr. TV characters. In true kid edutainment style, the games also include educational twists to promote learning in a format that purely feels like fun. Kids can play various Paw Patrol games, such as Pawsome Mission, which teaches little ones how to use the keyboard to move the avatar and collect coins.

Along the top of the screen on both sites, large icons show all the featured Nick Jr. characters, allowing them to easily select a character and see associated games — no reading required. Peppa Pig, Shimmer and Shine, Blaze, Diego and many others are ready to play with your kids. Besides games, other activities include various coloring pages and playing music from popular shows. A section for adults features links to a TV schedule, mobile apps and more.

Noggin Interactive Learning Website

Owned and operated by Viacom International Inc., the parent company of Nickelodeon and Nick Jr., Noggin first launched as a children’s TV network. That division shut down in 2009, but Viacom revived the Noggin brand in 2015 as an educational app for children. The purpose of the app is simple — entertain and engage kids so they don’t even realize it’s all about learning.

Photo Courtesy: Apple App Store

Today, the Noggin app provides access to a range of new content every week, including videos, activities and games featuring Nick Jr.’s most popular characters — all without ads. How is that possible? The app requires a subscription fee of around $8 a month for access — after a one week free trial, of course.