How Do I Win the Game Hello Neighbor?

By Jack SteinLast Updated November 5, 2020
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The primary objective of Hello Neighbor is ultimately to sneak into the creepy neighbor's basement to uncover the secrets that the neighbor is hiding. The game consists of three acts where players have to solve a series of puzzles to gain entry into the neighbor's basement while avoiding detection by the neighbor at the same time.

Players get the chance to beat the game during the Act 3 finale. This article reveals spoilers from this point on.

Act 1: What's in the Basement?

The first chapter of the game begins with a cutscene of a child — the player character — who just moved into a new house in a peaceful suburb. The child's curiosity is piqued by the strange behavior of his neighbor, and he begins to suspect that his neighbor is keeping something in the basement. After the cutscene, players navigate through the neighbor's yard and house by solving a series of puzzles. The main goal in Act 1 is to gain access to the neighbor's basement. To solve the puzzles, there are items that the player needs to collect and use, like boxes, keys, magnet guns and picture frames.

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One of the important aspects of the game that players will get to know in Act 1 is the need to remain stealthy while navigating the neighbor's house. When the neighbor spots you, he will aggressively chase you down. If you are spotted by the neighbor and get caught, you will respawn in your house.

As you try to sneak into the neighbor's house again, you'll find out that the neighbor learned how you broke in the first time. In successive attempts, your neighbor will study your behavior and set up traps, alarms, monitoring systems and barricades to prevent you from escaping. You can avoid getting caught by reacting quickly and taking cover in any of the house's hiding places or throwing objects at the neighbor to stun him momentarily, letting you run away.

The basement, as the latter part of Act 1 reveals, can be accessed via a secret door behind the washing machine. Upon entering the basement, it becomes apparent that the neighbor has been kidnapping children in the neighborhood and keeping them locked up there. Players should keep on exploring and solving puzzles until they encounter the neighbor yet again. While it may seem counterintuitive, the player should allow the neighbor to catch them at this point to get to Act 2.

Act 2: Escaping the Neighbor's House

By the time players get to Act 2, most will have gotten the hang of the gameplay, and playing the game from this point should become a bit more intuitive. Act 2 begins with a cutscene showing the neighbor crashing his car and a flat heart rate monitor, hinting that someone died.

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Once the player regains control of his character, he will discover that he has become a captive of the neighbor. The protagonist is now locked up in the very same basement that he was trying to get into in Act 1. Once again, players have to start collecting items and solving a series of puzzles to escape the neighbor's house. You can escape the house in several ways, including removing the boards on the neighbor's fence with a crowbar or jumping over the fence with a trampoline.

If you have escaped the neighbor's house successfully by these or any other means, you'll find yourself watching another cutscene. While the previous two hint at events that may have triggered the disturbing actions of the neighbor, the cutscene after Act 2 takes players directly to Act 3.

Act 3 and Finale

Act 3 starts with the game's protagonist as an adult and wanting to go back to his old neighborhood. At this point in the game, the mood and atmosphere become surreal and may be a bit unsettling to some players. The neighbor is depicted as a giant in Act 3, and players now have to contend with a shadow-like creature that hounds them at every turn.

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Players once again have to solve even more complex puzzles in Act 3. Once they get to the place where the neighbor caught them in Act 1, they will find that the doors won't have any locks this time around. Another cutscene plays after they enter the door that leads to the Finale.

After the cutscene, there will be more puzzles to solve. To finally beat the game, players must defend the younger version of themselves against the shadow creature that has been following the player. After a few more puzzles, players enter a green door. An outro scene reveals that they have beaten the game.